“BretTrade is a fully-functional trading platform with a currency–BretCoin (stock ticker: NRON)–that represents the fiscal and comedic potential of one Bret Raybould. Launching with a market capitalization of $50,000 (100,000 shares valued at 50 cents/share), BretCoin stands as a chop-lickingly good deal for investors: a high-value, high-growth-potential stock with nowhere to go but up.

BretCoin’s founder, Bret Raybould is a comedian, writer, and actor based in NYC. His debut hour special “Bret Raybould Retires From Comedy” is available on his YouTube channel for free. He is also the brains behind The World’s Most Wholesome Only Fans Account, ⅓ of the Oh Dear podcast (available here), his masterpiece jazz record Bret on Buble, and, of course, his CumRag empire".